• Investment in a joint venture from an amount of EUR 30 for a period of 1,2,3 years.
  • Yield up to 18% per year before tax.
  • Business in the construction of waste treatment plants.
  • Revenue payments weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually and at the end of the period.
  • If the contract is not terminated, it will automatically renew itself under preset conditions.
  • You can conclude contracts, adjust conditions and pay the proceeds yourself via the Internet.
  • Register or contact us and we will advise you.


  • Deliveries of ecological emission-free technology for municipal waste treatment.
  • Ceny dodávek začínají od 1.200.000 EUR od kapacity 100 kg / hod.
  • Visit us at or contact us and we will advise you.


  • Investment from the amount of EUR 1,000 in the ownership of an ecological waste treatment plant.
  • Registered partner in a specific waste plant. Yield up to 30% per year after tax.
  • We offer a subsidy of up to 10 times the deposit to increase the contract without obligations.
  • Investing requires consultation, contact us and we will advise you.


  • Custom construction and renovation in Spain.
  • Villas, apartment houses, hotels, boarding houses, ports, housing, roads, utilities, production halls and warehouses.
  • 20% discount – 40% of market sales prices.
  • Prices for the smallest turnkey houses of 150 m2 start at EUR 400,000, including land and taxes.
  • Visit us at or contact us and we will advise you.